VJD Wholesale carries superior-quality vape products and provides them at the most affordable price anywhere in the US. Each product we offer goes through rigorous quality control before landing on our shelves.

We are committed to keeping the most competitive prices available, which is why so many of our customers keep coming back. We work directly with electronic cigarette and vapor supply manufacturers taking the middleman out of the equation. Additionally, all of our eLiquids are 100% Made in the USA.

Our Goals and Values

VJD Wholesale was founded to help and connect the vaping community. With the strong values embedded into our company, our goal is to become the largest vaping distributor. We believe that the success of our clients, vendors, and partners is linked to our own.

Focusing on Success

VJD Wholesale is dedicated to the growth and success of all our clients, vendors, and partners because we care for and know our associates' values. We believe in all our associates and want their businesses to grow to their potential.

Building Industry Connections

In the beginning stages of our business, VJD Wholesale formed relationships with vendors and customers to help grow our business. We have strengthened our connections to support our business and the businesses of our associates. Our relations are taken seriously as we are dedicated to every client we partner with. VJD Wholesale values our relationships with our vendors, manufacturers, and partners as they are the foundation of our company. We are here to be a service to you.

Empowering The Vaping Community

At the heart of VJD Wholesale's philosophy is a commitment to the vaping community. As a wholesale distributor, we create opportunities for merchants and manufacturers to work together beneficially. We connect vendors and retailers, helping to build a strong foundation for users, advocates, and businesses in the vaping industry.

Why work with Us?

When you do business with us, you'll find that we pride ourselves on being one of the best wholesalers in the vaping industry due to our commitment to our clients. The many benefits we offer apart from other companies, from deals to industry knowledge to personalized sales reps to product information to fast fulfillment times. Our excellent relations with our trusted manufacturers, vendors, and partners allow us to maintain a vast selection of e-Cigs, vape mods, starter kits, and popular eLiquid brands at a reasonable cost. Call us at (424)-777-9098 or email us at support@vjdwholesale.com for more information about any inquiry.


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