Hohm Tech Sherlock Hohm V2

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Hohm Tech Sherlock Hohm V2

An upgrade and succesor to the prior model. Hohm Tech brings you the new and improved Sherlock Hohm 2 20700.

The Sherlock Hohm 2 20700 excels in every aspect of performance and reliability. With increased specifications geared towards more amp loads, more sustainability and on top of that, a major increase in cell life cycle. The Sherlock Hohm 2 20700 was also designed to meet the upmost of safety standards while catering to consumers that required the most out of their battery. Every battery that Hohm Tech produces goes through various testing and certifications to gaurantee quality and deliver what they have always promised. You can be assured that Hohm Tech stands strongly by their product and that you'll get nothing less than top notch quality overall.



  • · Size - 20700
  • · Capacity - 3116mAh
  • · Max Charge Rate - 4.67A
  • · Continuous Discharge Rate - 30.7A
  • · Peak - 47.1A


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