MJA Hydra Mini Rig

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MJA Hydra Mini Rig

The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig™ from MJA. Named after the ancient, mythical beast, this ultra-compact, highly functional Klein recycler min dab rig tames hot vapors with a cyclone of cool water. The uniquely placed perc arm of the dab rig paves the way for the most spill-resistant bubbler to date! Tip it forward see the design at work (see the video above). At MJA, the form of our products always follows the function.


Title :

  • · Height: 4 inches
  • · Base width: 2.5 inches
  • · 10mm connection
  • · Make harsh smoke a myth with the triple hole perc!
  • · The first purpose-built mini rig™ from MJA, the Hydra is a Klein recycler
  • · Wide and sturdy base
  • · Rear-mounted side-pipe to prevent spills

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