Truweigh Marksman Digital Reloading Scale

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Truweigh Marksman Digital Reloading Scale

The RELOADR MARKSMAN digital reloading scale provides exceptional reliability for ammo reloaders. Reloading your own bullets is one of the only ways to guarantee the quality and accuracy of your rounds. The clear plastic cover keeps the scale protected and also functions as an expansion tray, and the scale also comes with a powder pan, a 100g calibration weight, and a pair of tweezers. The white, back-lit LCD features large digits and a stability indicator for professional results.


Features :

  • · Max Capacity: 100g / Readability: 0.005g
  • · Easy One-Button Calibration
  • · Tare/Zero
  • · Convert Automatically Between: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn
  • · Built-in Overload Protection
  • · Backlit LCD for easy reading
  • · Power-Saving Auto-Off (180 sec/can be disabled)
  • · Weight: 0.85 lbs



  • · MARKSMAN Digital Reloading Scale
  • · User Manual
  • · Reusable Gift-box/Case
  • · Powder Pan
  • · 100g Weight
  • · 10 Year Warranty

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