Z Stick Plus TFN Disposable

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Z Stick Plus TFN Disposable (10-Pack)

Z Stick Plus TFN Disposable contains 5mL of juice with over 2,500 puffs and 15 flavors, the Zstick Plus provides a smoother, more affordable, and more efficient smoking experience. Ziip Lab is committed to making sure that each Zstick Plus device is of exceptional quality by ensuring that our product is customer-friendly and our ingredients are safe and backed by science. Not to mention, Zstick Plus is 5 times the size of the original Zstick and offers new and delicious flavor profiles that are a must-try.



Z Stick Plus:

  • · Capacity: 5mL
  • · Total mL per Box: 50mL
  • · TFN Nicotine: 5%
  • · 2500+ Puffs



  • ·10 x Disposables

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